When should you consider tooth extraction?

Of course, the first thing you should do is look for any indications of tooth problems. You should look out for an abundance of redness in the gums and areas around the tooth. You should also look for signs of dental decay that could be causing pain. When considering the possibility of tooth extraction you will need to look out for specific signs and symptoms of tooth problems which may require some dental work. These are your signs that the tooth is likely to require some dental treatment.

Nerve Tearing:

Dental decay can cause nerve damage. This can then lead to bone decay which is known as osteomorphy. Bone decay can damage the nerve that communicates with the tooth. In extreme cases it can cause tooth ache or even pain.


You will also find some issues with tooth eruption. If your tooth hasn’t erupted then it may have been damaged from lack of movement or tooth decay. When you have a blocked or dead tooth it is more likely that it will produce a growth or scar which will affect the movement of your other teeth. This will lead to loss of movement or the need for an extraction.

Root Canal:

Sometimes when a tooth is causing problems with the root of the tooth it is more likely to cause pain. If this is the case, you may find that a root canal may be required. This will be a long, painful and potentially expensive procedure.

This is just a general guide to help you decide if you need some dental treatment. Always get a second opinion to see if you can feel the same things that you have been told and how you can get your tooth problems managed. Only if you are certain of the signs and symptoms of your condition can you consider the idea of having your tooth pulled out or having an extraction.

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