TPM Solutions, better known as- Total Productive Maintenance are solutions which are needed for an optimized production. In this article we will discuss the most important part of this process. Terms such as autonomous maintenance, planned maintenance and quality maintenance.  Don’t hesitate and read further due to the important information.

The Autonomous Maintenance

The Autonomous Maintenance is all about smooth digital registration and solving of deviations and optimizing SOPs for the workers. The machines in the factories are smart unless they are well programed. Furthermore, it frees up your skilled engineers, who will have more spare time to focus on another subjects which are more complicated. By doing this process good, the maintenance costs might be reduced and this will be better for your business.

Planned Maintenance

‘’Prevention is better than cure’’ is the spirit (source: 4industry) . While having your maintenance well planned, the odds of getting unexpected costs will be less then while  having a non optimized process.  If you have optimized your planned maintenance, it will contribute you OEE which predicts deviations.

Quality Maintenance

Reduce defects with digital quality maintenance & data automation. Using paper for registering defects or Excel-based audit checklists for Quality Maintenance and let the workers defect registration and audits from their own plans.

Zero defects is what Quality Maintence is all about. Due to an optimized qualitative maintenance process the unexpected costs will be prevented. Overall, having optimized processes is profitable.

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