Having a succesful company doesn’t mean you need to have a good product/service and very low costs. With the digitalisation knowadays, a working IT service in your company seems to be more and more important to create competitive advantage. You are not convinced yet? In the following article, I will explain why your IT service is important.


IT is playing a huge role within your organisation because of the amount of transactions and communication that takes place in the online world. Because of the digitalisation, we are able to communicate through the interion in a more effecient way and we can share knowledge even faster than before. This should be exploited by every company that wants to growth and outperform their competitors. With the focus on efficiency, exploitation seems to be even more important.

A way how companies can do this is by having a working business architecture. An example is Bluedolpin. Such a system makes it possible to share information much quicker and therefore, information is shared in a more efficient way.


When your enterprise architecture is working well, it can provide new insights for your company. Bluedolphin can help you to get these new insights. Which information is within the organisation can be seen easily. This information can also show different opportunities and threats that should be handled to stay succesful. Bluedolphin collects information and your company may use it for further strategy formulation.