When you need construction equipment you quickly think of buying it. For this reason, the internet is searched, documentation is requested, suppliers and fairs are frequently visited. But have you also thought about renting it? As a result, you only pay for the time that you use the construction equipment. Large providers can more often guarantee that the most diverse products will always be available. We have taken a look at the website of adrighem.com. This provider has a wide variety of: aerial work platforms, cranes, earth-moving machines, machines for material handling, transport and construction machines.

Everything on a construction site from equipment to tools is not only for sale, but often also for rent. Especially during the crisis, construction companies started to rent more machines. Because many companies lacked cash. Renting equipment also makes you more flexible. Hire an entrepreneur that he can have about a specific machine when needed. Owning your own machine costs money when there is no work.

Available within 24 hours

The idea that purchased equipment is always available and rented equipment is not obsolete. When a contractor goes to a rental point, the requested product is available immediately or no later than the next day. With a central computer system, landlords keep track of which machines are in stock in which branch.

When to buy or rent?

Determining whether to buy or rent depends on a few aspects. Think of the feasible occupancy rate. But also the possibilities to maintain the equipment in your organization.

It is also important to manage the machines. Can someone within the company take the management of this as a task. Or do you need extra staff to get the job done?

Don’t forget to look at the region in which it is used. If you work nationwide, it can be very inconvenient to drag machines, scaffolding and the like for a short period of time. Rental companies such as Adrighem can take care of the transport, so you do not have to worry about storage and transport.