You’re a company that provides video streaming services to customers, so naturally you want the best for them. But surely WiFi isn’t your responsibility too, right? That can be left to the customer. Whilst technically yes, the onus is on the customer to have a WiFi connection that is capable of running the video services you provide, why shouldn’t you be part of the solution?

By doing so, you not only increase customer confidence in their belief that you are devoted to providing the best service you can, but you’re also showing your competitors that you’re a business that is passionate about your services, from providing the service right the way down to your customer’s ability to actually use it. And Mesh WiFi is the solution.

Why Helping Customers With Their WiFi Benefits You

Before we explain more about Mesh WiFi and how it can help you and support your customers with being able to enjoy your services more, we thought we’d spend a little time talking more about why better WiFi for your customers is better for you too.

Customers aren’t expected to understand the intricacies and complexities of WiFi and connectivity issues in the same way that your company does. As such, leaving them to solve connectivity issues themselves can lead to frustration on their part. Oftentimes, customers will look to the companies providing them with their video services for explanations, but hearing ‘Your WiFi may need to be upgraded’ isn’t exactly helpful. Imagine if you could offer them more than that though. A WiFi solution that is perfect for IPTV and video streaming connectivity, something that your customers can use with confidence in the knowledge that they won’t have to worry about seeing black screens and loading symbols ever again!

Mesh WiFi Explained

For the customer, Mesh WiFi is the best solution to connectivity issues when trying to stream live TV or tune into their favorite show on a video streaming service. Rather than simply providing an extender or booster to their pre-existing WiFi, Mesh WiFi employs the use of two or more satellite WiFi routers that have been designed specifically for streaming. These routers will blanket your customers’ entire home, meaning they have guaranteed connectivity to your services wherever they are.

Mesh WiFi is revolutionary because it provides guaranteed connectivity, no ifs or buts. By using multiple satellite routers, your customers’ WiFi demands are shared equally between them, meaning that there is less chance of becoming overloaded or one being unable to keep up with the demands that are being placed on them. They work better because they work together.

Now you might be wondering what this has to do with you. It’s great that customers have a solution, but what is your role in it? Well, you could play a big one. Companies like Sky TV are already taking advantage of Mesh WiFi by providing customers with solutions to their connectivity problems, and in doing so, increasing customer satisfaction and providing their company with some profitable income too. If you were to offer Mesh WiFi as part of your services, your customers would be able to have more faith in you and the services you provide. That, in turn, could mean greater demand for your services in the future, and a potential area in which you could diversify the services you offer. Perhaps you could create a premium package in which Mesh WiFi is offered. Whatever you decide, the possibilities are endless and looking into Mesh WiFi is important for a company like yours.

Your Next Steps

You might be a company that is familiar with Mesh WiFi, or you might have never heard of it at all. Whatever the case, you probably don’t have enough confidence in the product to look into it yourself and offer it straight away. Thankfully, there are companies that know all about Mesh WiFi, the benefits it will have for your company, and, more importantly, how it can please your customers. Divitel is one such business that specializes in a range of products and services that can help your video streaming company do their job in a more efficient way. For more information, head to their website and look into the Mesh WiFi solutions they already offer – it might just be the perfect solution to your customers’ problems! Click here to learn more.