How to make pizza

Do you love eating pizza and do you want to learn how to make it yourself? It really isn’t that hard! You don’t have to settle for a frozen pizza from the supermarket or a way too expensive pizza in a restaurant. Of course you can order your pizza online, but when you make your own pizza, you can make it any way you want! In this article, we’ll tell you all about how to make your own pizza. 

It starts with the pizza base

The most important part of the pizza, is the pizza base. You can make the base yourself, or buy a ready-made pizza base at your local store. There are two types of pizza crusts: the Italian pizza base and the American pizza base. The Italian pizza base is thinner and crunchier, while the American pizza base is thicker and softer. You can choose which one you like best!    

Pizza sauce

The most traditional sauce for your pizza, is of course tomato sauce. You can make the tomato sauce anyway you like it; spicy, with herbs or just plain. When you don’t like tomato, you can choose all other kinds of sauces. Creamy sauces for example, that will go perfectly with bacon and onion and of course cheese. Do you really like cheese, then you can also go with a creamy cheese sauce and combine it with chicken or meat and veggies. 

Pizza toppings

Once you’ve chosen your pizza base and sauce, you can start with the toppings. Do you like vegetables, then you can put bell peppers, onions, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms or even broccoli on your pizza! Do you like it meaty, then you can choose all kinds of meat like chicken, mince, sausage or beef. You can even make pizza with fish toppings such als salmon or tuna, combined with some onions and olives. Delicious!

The best cheese to put on top of your pizza

You can choose different types of cheese to put on your pizza! The most common cheese is mozzarella, the traditional pizza cheese for pizza from Italy. But you can choose all types of cheese. Even cheddar, especially when you’re making an American pizza!