Best Dartboard For Your Games Room

Shopping for dartboards can be quite an overwhelming experience especially when you do not know where to start from. Are you looking for a quality dartboard for your games room? The following list can help you and make your shopping experience easier. You can also check out any reputed online platform that offers dart board accessories and other related dart equipment for purchases.

Here is a short list of the best dartboards available in the market for you:

  1. Target Nexus online electronic dartboard

This dartboard is the most advanced electronic dartboard to exist. It is way ahead of its time and is optimised for online playing. Target Nexus online electronic dartboard has gained much popularity because it has fixed a lot of the problems that online players faced before. It is extremely advanced because it uses a Webcam camera that helps to monitor players during their gameplay to eliminate cheating. The dartboard allows up to 4 players locally.

  1. Unicorn Eclipse HD2 High definition professional bristle dartboard

This Unicorn dartboard is one of the greatest bristle dartboards that have its own loyal fan base. It is a standard bristle dartboard with one layer of densely packed sisal offering optimal self-healing and an 18 inch diameter. The Unicorn Eclipse HD2 is extremely serious when it comes to its quality and allows for lower bounce-outs.

  1. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

This dartboard is everywhere, and you will find it at the top of many best dartboard lists. Winmau has done an exceptional job with this dartboard and is the top in bristle innovation. It is highly praised due to its ability to eliminate bounce outs which are a massive obstacle in dart games. This version has a specific dual core which means it comes with two levels of sisal for extra protection while adding more years to the durability of the board.

Now that you know three of the best dartboards available in the market, go ahead and shop for your favourite one today! There are many online platforms that will provide you branded dartboards.